Established in 2013, Virage Capital Management LP has become a market leader in litigation finance. We work with premier lawyers and law firms across the country who work on contingency-fee based litigation, including but not limited to, mass torts, mass actions, class actions, personal injuries, commercial cases, employment litigation, and related causes of action and docket types.

Lawyers can obtain operating and growth capital from several different sources, whether traditional banks, joint ventures with other firms, self-funding, or alternative funding groups. Virage has taken what it considers to be the strongest parts of these methods and blended them into a funding product that has enabled our clients to achieve levels of success in a business friendly manner.

Virage's goal is to develop a long-term relationship and understanding of your business. In the final analysis, there are many facets to what Virage refers to as the "true cost of money," including, among other items, interest rate, prepayment terms, recourse, access to funds, transaction structure, fees, and the underwriting process. As we believe you will see, Virage has created a product with terms that are fair, business friendly, and designed to accelerate your growth and operational efficiency.

Virage has achieved its market-leading position through loyal clients, repeat business, and a sustainable business model. Our clients view Virage as a partner in their business, and these relationships have driven Virage's growth.

Virage is not involved in any aspect of the litigation and does not participate as an equity partner in the back-end of the case.

Confidentiality is paramount in all our transactions, however, references may be provided upon request.